December 23, 2006

Repeal the EU

The Serf has had his suggestion accepted onto the short list of the Today program's competition for the law that most people want to repeal. Quite a list it is too:
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
Human Rights Act 1998
European Communities Act 1972
Hunting Act 2004
Act of Settlement 1701

Repealing the Hunting Act 2004 is still the second most popular issue on the Government e-Petitions site, and SOCA is a serious issue. However since whatever is chosen will have no effect what so ever I went for the European Communities Act 1972. Partly because Britain must get out of the EU, and partly because the europhiles on the Today program will hate that one winning.

Before there has been an equivalent competitions where once an MP offered to put the winning idea into a private members bill before Parliament. However the winning idea was that householders would be able to use whatever force they felt necessarcary to defend themselves so long as it was not grossly disproportionate. Needless to say the MP reneged on his promise and that was never put before parliament. However there is now a similar private members bill that is going to be put forward. While it will not become law it would be nice to see the law on the side of the generally law abiding rather than criminals for a change.


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